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Volcán Acatenango Overnight
V-Hiking Tours
Antigua Guatemala
GTQ 350 per person
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2 days - this hike leaves around 07:00 and arrives around 13:00

What's included

Private transport to and from Antigua
Local Guide
All meals incl breakfast on day 1
Q50 Entrance Fee
Sleeping Bag
Padded Sleeping Mattress
Hot Drinks - Chocolate, tea or coffee

Join our spectacular overnight trek up the mighty Volcán Acatenango. We will pick you up in our private transport from your accommodation in Antigua Guatemala and drive to the village of San José Calderas, where you will start your day off with some fresh, locally grown coffee and a traditional Guatemalan breakfast at the home of your guide, Elvin Soy. The hike itself takes approx 4-5 hours and is challenging, but our experienced local guides will set a pace that you are comfortable with ensuring to take lots of breaks ensuring plenty of time for pictures! You will camp at our private basecamp which is already constructed at 3600m (11,800 ft) complete with padded mattresses and warm sleeping bags. All you need to carry is your water and some snacks for the hike. All your meals are included. Then all there is left to do is sit back around the campfire with a hot drink and watch Volcán Fuego erupt in the background! In the morning, we will wake up early and hike the last 280m to the summit of Acatenago and watch the sunrise. We will then hike back down to basecamp, and after a delicious cooked breakfast, we will descend the volcano and take private transport back to Antigua. ITINERARY Day 1 7:00am — Pick up from your accommodation in Antigua with private transport 8:00am — Arrive at San José Calderas and enjoy a traditional Guatemalan breakfast with the family of your guide. 9:00am — Begin the hike from an altitude of 2400m. You will have plenty of breaks along the way! 2:00pm — Arrive at private base camp (3600m) for a well deserved delicious lunch 4:30pm — Chill around the campfire with some hot drinks 6:30pm — Eat a hot dinner while watching Volcan Fuego erupt with the sun setting in the background 9:00pm — Get some zzzs in the tent Day 2 3:45am — Wake up call 4.30am — Begin final ascent to the summit of Acatenango 6:00am — Arrive at summit (3976m) and watch the sunrise 7.30am — Descend back to basecamp 8.00am — Have breakfast at basecamp 9:00am — Begin descent from basecamp 11:30pm — Finish the trek and private transport back to Antigua 13:00pm — Arrive in Antigua

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